Because of my work, experience as a maritime Captain & qualifications many know me as Captain Ramos.

Honestly; I prefer just Carlos.

As a child, I was often asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I never knew the answer. Even after graduating from High School in Puerto Rico I was still unsure. It wasn't until my first semester at Texas A&M - Galveston that I decided that a life on the ocean was for me.

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense that I chose a career at sea.

I was raised around the ocean; fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing & water skiing. Later on I added SCUBA diving & kiteboarding to my list of favorite activities.

I started sailing shortly after graduation from the Texas A&M Maritime Academy in Galveston in 1999 and have been sailing ever since. In 2006, at 28 years of age I finally reached my goal of acquiring the Unlimited Master License. In 2008, I began and successfully completed the two year deputy pilot program in San Juan, Puerto Rico and have been piloting ships ever since.

It doesn't get better much than this. I get to work where I like to play...on the ocean!

San Juan Bay Pilot